Jun 01 2016

MMP#210 – GMPC. It’s not as terrible as you think

MM Mini LogoHey folks. On this episode we talk about how the GM can bring a character into the fold and have it not suck. Decide if we’re right or wrong for yourself and enjoy the show.

Time Stamps

3:17 – What’s Going On

10:12 – The Workshop: GMPC

52:30 – The Social Media Depository

Ted Talk: Why D&D is good for you

Red Markets



1:17:03 – Podcast Round Up

Swallows of the South

Rock n’ Roll Play Baby is by Kieran Strange on the album Adamantine Heart


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  1. Keith Garrett

    Hi, gang! I liked this episode, and your handling of the topic. When I first started listening I was thinking, nope, I’ve never run a GMPC and don’t imagine I ever will. Then you reminded me that I HAVE!

    I ran a Star Trek game long ago and had a roster of well-detailed NPC crewmen to fill out story roles not claimed by the player characters. The players especially liked interacting with a few of these, so I fleshed them out more and let them move a bit more into the foreground. I even played one of them myself as a PC when a friend stepped in as a guest GM for an adventure.

    Also, in a Doctor Who game, I sometimes included an NPC companion to sort of beef up the crew, since at the time I only had two players, and it fit the show better (I thought) to have a time lord with two or three companions.

    Both games worked well, I think because of the reasons you stated: make sure the GMPC doesn’t outshine the PCs, and let the GMPC fill a void rather than doing the PCs’ jobs.

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