May 25 2016

MMP#209 – Layer’s of the Game

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. We’re delving into the cake that is known as Table Top Role Playing Games and looking at all the lovely and squishy layers within. We hope you enjoy. #chatroom4life. Hail Queen Senda. Mic Drop. We Out.

Time Stamps

0:50 – What’s Going On

7:54 – The Workshop: Layer’s of the Game

1:15:35 – The Social Media Depository

1:31:52 – Podcast Round Up


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  1. Jason "JiB" Tryon

    Just wanted to say I really enjoyed this episode. I think you guys completely nailed the nature of the problem. Jonikka is a lovely lady and a great player, but she was not prepared for me to hand narrative control over an element to her, and I do it so automatically that I didn’t see how that might be a problem. It was a disconnect that ultimately created a much bigger situation than it needed to be.

    The thing is that we move up and down through the layers of play as we play. We all do and sometimes we don’t even realize we’re doing it. The problems arise when people are operating on different levels and don’t realize that other players are operating on a different level.

    I’m going to blatantly steal the ideas of this cast and use them with wild abandon. there may also be a diagram of the levels of play coming soon. Any resemblance to Dante’s map of the levels of hell is purely coincidental.

    Thanks for the great podcast, I really enjoy listening to you guys.


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