Apr 20 2016

MMP#204 – Keeping People Safe and We Can Do Better

MM Mini LogoHey Folks. This is the most difficult episode I’ve ever produced and recorded of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. We delve into the problems that still trouble the gaming community, relate some stories that are heinous in many ways, and do our best to provide a little bit of education and insight on how you can be more inclusive and a better gamer and human being. Many thanks to Florence for sitting in with us to give those stories the voice they need.

Time Stamps

0:00 – Main Topic: Keeping People Safe and We Can Do Better

1:15:05 – What’s Going On

1:33:16 – Podcast Round Up


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  1. Paul M

    Thank you so much for this episode. It was hard to listen to, of course, as it was obviously hard to produce because the culture that you are describing is rampant and toxic. Toxicity, as a Phil definition would note, has a knock-on effect of infecting and sickening everyone that it touches. When we read these accounts and see the sludge of Internet comments, it hurts our souls, even if we typically face none of these behaviours in our own “real-life” lives.

    The only way we can survive this toxicity is to fight to take back games for all people. It’s hard, though, and for me I have more often found myself absenting myself from the hobby rather than trying to “right the wrongs” that I see. And that’s not really any help, unfortunately. Your show shone a light on a dark side of the hobby, and you did it carefully, thoughtfully, and with class.

    Chris, you mentioned that if anyone had any “corrections” you wanted to hear them. In my experience, the “CIS” in “cisgendered” is pronounced “sis” (like the diminutive for “sister”) rather than spelled out.

    Thanks again for this extremely important episode.

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