Feb 24 2016

MMP#196 – Running Dungeon World

ItunesMMpodcastHey Folks. It’s time for some high action fantasy gaming with DUNGEON WORLD. We love dungeon world over at Misdirected Mark productions and Encoded Designs but we’re gonna try and give you some tips and insider information for how to run the game from the GM side of play. Hope you enjoy and hook us up with some feedback.

Time Stamps

0:47 – What’s Going On

11:41 – The Workshop: Running Dungeon World

1:22:49 – Super Short Podcast Round Up


It’s Not My Fault

Dungeon World



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  1. Tymonger

    I do not know if you plan to talk about it on the next podcast or not. But two things come to mind about DW you did not talk about. 1- There is a SRD website that can help. 2- the book separates the monsters into areas. This helps the DM to know what monsters to use better.

    I also think it would be a good idea for a show to talk about all the different “power by Apocalypse” games that are out there. I know you guys game the ever so brief description, but a more detailed would be soo helpful.

    In the same boat one for FATE & FAE would be nice to where you spend some time going over the different games that use FATE. And your thoughts of where is coming out like DFAE. & the new Secrets of Cats book. To be honest I think you guys could do a entire new podcast just on FATE

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