Feb 10 2016

MMP#194 – Why RPGs

ItunesMMpodcastHey Folks. On this episode we talk about why we play RPGs instead of other games by looking at the elements that make up different types of games. It’s not about what’s better but what makes up the different experiences. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to take the survey.

Time Stamps

2:01 – What’s Going On

13:19 – Workshop: Why RPGs

1:01:35 – Social Media Depository

1:11:38 – Podcast Roundup


The Tomb of Horrors in Hirst Art Molds

MMP Listener Survey

7th Sea Kickstarter

Randy Farmer – Velkenvile pictures

Adamantine Heart

She’s a Super Geek Patreon

The Everfrost Comic


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  1. Avi

    FYI, GeekNights produced this video:
    The Definition of the word Game

    it’s an excerpt of a longer presentation called Beyond Dungeons and Dragons:

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