Jan 20 2016

MMP#190 – Grappling with Grappling

ItunesMMpodcastWrestling, grabbing, pinning, and other grapples are on the mat in this episode of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. We break down the mechanic in a variety of games and then talk about its relevance and hack-ability in games.

Time Stamps

1:06 – What’s Going On

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

10:05 – The Garage: Grappling

Pathfinder Flow Charts

5e En World Grappling article

1:01:12 – The EDSMD

Sidney Roundwoods Blog

1:21:58 – Podcast Round Up

Adamantine Heart


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  1. Chris moore

    I can’t decipher the podcast you mention at the end, called like cid and Emily or send off Emily… It has the play of End of the World. Could you provide a link for that, i didn’t see it in the description or show notes.

    Thanks guys!

    1. Christopher M Sniezak

      She’s a super geek with senda and Emily http://sasgeek.com/

      1. Christopher M Sniezak

        There AP of the end of the world comes out this coming tuesday

  2. Raul Delagarza

    I am a glutton for punishment. I continue to use the 1st edition AD&D rules for Weaponless Combat – Pummel, Grapple, Overbearing. But, I am old school that way.

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