Nov 25 2015

MMP#183 – Spousal Karma and the Gamer’s Better Half

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the Misdirected Mark podcast we have Florence Vecchione with us to talk about Spousal Karma and what it’s been like for her to have a gamer turned writer and then company owner as her partner in life. Hope you enjoy this family focused edition of the show and Happy Thanksgiving.

Time Stamps

2:23 – What’s going on

24:06 – The Workshop: Spousal Karma and the gamer’s better half.

1:14:53 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

1:35:13 – A Moment of Gaming & BS


  1. Raul Delagarza

    Good show, gentlemen and lady. Normally, I restrict myself to listening to Garrett’s shows but the title of this one caught my attention as I, too, live with a non-gaming spouse. I was looking for some helps in that regard and though I was not able to find anything of great use since our situation is markedly different than the couple presented on the show, I was able to at least enjoy Florence’s story and perspective. Phil is truly blessed for it would take much more than ‘spousal karma’ in my particular environment. Still, I count my blessings as board games are yet a non-controversial matter in our home and we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy hours of game play in this respect with games such as The Settlers of Catan, Carcassone and Agricola.

    It was good to hear talk of the works of the Gnome Stew team such as Masks, in particular. I have appreciated this resource much more than I thought that I would have. It was bundles with Eureka,my primary target. As it turns out, I turn more often to Masks than I do to the aforementioned work. Not that I like Eureka any less, however.

    Chris mentioned that he is a user of feedly? I would very much like to know which feeds he recommends for following respecting the hobby.

    Thanks, everyone for the entertainment, discussion and valuable information. As a result, I shall be listening to MMP more often and right alongside Garrett’s excellent contributions.

  2. Ron

    Really loved this show. Gotta bring back Florence sometime. Maybe both hosts better halves???

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