Nov 18 2015

MMP#182 – The Module

iIPNV9aqUYrGsOMG. Normally I start with hey folks but this week I have with me Sean P. Kelley from Gaming & BS since Phil is out of town. He joins us to dispense some knowledge about the Module in gaming and along the way we do a little social media from an extra dimension and a chat about some podcasts. So strap in for this episode of Rocker boy and Vending Machines or Misdirected BS or Gaming and MS or…you get it. You’re smart.

Note: There is some echoing here and there. Sorry about that.

Time Stamps

2:38 – What’s Going On

8:09 – The EDSMD

12:40 – Podcast Chat

Gaming & BS – Horses and other NPCs

She’s a Super Geek – Soth Part 3: The summoning

Kirean Strange’s Adamantine Heart

26:08 – The Workshop – The Module

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