Oct 21 2015

MMP#178 – Ninja Crusade and 2nd Editions

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. On this episode of the MMP I have the sage of the third eye Eloy Lasanta in the house to talk about his newest edition of Ninja Crusade and 2nd editions and next editions of RPGs and what that means. Hope you enjoy, don’t forget about the segment naming contest, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Time Stamps

0:59 – What’s Going On

10:40 – The Extra Dimensional Social Media Depository

Randy Farmer’s Pics

17:14 – A Moment of Podcast Chat

Gaming & BS

She’s a Super Geek

Indie Syndicate

30:46 – The Lab: Ninja Crusade and second editions

The Ninja Crusade Kickstarter

1:10:56 – A Little Geekery

1 comment

  1. Stacie Winters

    I don’t know if the contest is still going on as of this moment but if it is than one possible name for the smash up segment is The AMP Zone.

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