Jun 03 2015

MMP#158 – Part-Time Gods of Fate and Cybertek

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey folks. This week we’re gonna talk about Part-Time Gods of Fate which is currently on kickstarter and has reached its first funding goal. We’re also gonna do the lounge stuff we normally do and a quick aside on Cybertek, the newest game we’re working on. We also have some time in the gameroom to talk about what we’ve been playing lately. I hope you enjoy and let us know what you thought of the show.

Time Stamps

The Lobby

0:58 – What’s Going On

Gamerstable RPG Podcast

4:22 – Game Spotlight

Worlds in Peril

Tsunamicon Kickstarter

Mikey Mason

Silver Cake Spray

11:27 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

28:23 – The Cybertek moment

33:40 – The Gameroom

52:40 – The Laboratory: Part-Time Gods of Fate


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  1. Chris

    I think we’re gonna start with just Fate Core. I know there’s a game called The Sprawl that I’m very interested in reading that’s a Cyberpunk PbtA game. I’m also an accelerated fan so I might look to do some accelerated work on this game too. It’s tricky though because we try pretty hard to design games with a specific purpose in mind and we believe rules reflect or reinforce game play. As in our PtGoF game there is a version of fronts derived from DW in the game which is integrated with game and territory creation and takes the idea of consequences getting worse from worlds in peril to make something which is new. So conversions to other kinds of games are only there if there’s another kind of game needed. Like if you want to Gumshoe up your game then it becomes a more resource management game but if you just want the idea of the core clue then there are ways to make that idea happen within a game.

    In Fate you just give people the clue with any overcome roll but if they fail there’s some kind of consequence to getting the clue and if they succeed with style they get the Clue + more information if there’s more information to be had. Of course that’s only one way you could do it. There are several other design angles you can take.

  2. mrm1138

    Congrats on making your funding goal for Part-Time Gods of FATE so quickly!

    Out of curiosity, will you design Cybertek exclusively for FATE Core or is there any chance you might also make a FATE Accelerated version? Is it possibly you might even convert it to another system like Apocalypse World, GUMSHOE, Mini-Six…? I’m just throwing stuff out there; I don’t know that any of those would actually be compatible with what you have in mind.

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