May 20 2015

MMP#156 – Sign here…Social Contracts

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we’re breaking down the idea of a social contract in the workshop and showing you how we think they work and what they can do for your game. Surrounding that part of the show we hang in the lobby to chat about what’s going on, reveal what is “gifted” to us from the extradimentional social media depository, spotlight some games, and geek out about agents of shield, Night Vale, and other things in the geekery.

Time Stamps

0:30 – Introduction

2:28 – What’s going on

Stormtrooper Bob’s Facebook Page

Play Better Games, Dammit!

10:07 – Game Spotlight

Feng Shui 2

Spirit of 77

15:15 – The Extradimentional Social Media Depository

22:27 – The Workshop – Social Contracts

1:23:04 – The Geekery

The Awkward Turtle

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  1. Dave

    So not that you asked for it, but here is what my group goes over before playing a game, especially if its something that we have never played before or is meant to be a major departure from a previously played game

    A.K.A. – Setting Ground work / Setting the Dials
    Play – Character vs. Plot Driven and the Tone of play
    Aesthetics – Settle on the “isms” and punks of the world
    Rhythm – Determine game session style and pacing. Episodic, Miniseries, or Serials / Slow vs. Fast
    Assembly – Why are the characters together?
    Dynamics – How do the Characters interact with each other?
    Issues – What issues will the characters deal with?
    Genre – Actions/Adventure, Intrigue, Romance
    Milieu –Setting/Locations of the story

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