Feb 25 2015

MMP#145 – Spotlight Please

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. This week we hang out in the lobby getting caught up, then we head over to the Gameroom and talk about what we have been playing recently, and then we end the night in the Workshop where we put the spotlight on a different type of game balance.

Time Stamps

0:32 – The Lobby

 6:21 – Gaming Spotlight

The Golden Geek Awards

IGDN Bag of Holding

13:27 – Social Media Depository

World War Cthulhu Teaser Trailer

1 of 7 rod pieces?

27:20 – The Gameroom

40:18 – The Workshop: The Spotlight


  1. mrm1138

    I was completely unaware that there was a Mass Effect RPG. Is this an officially licensed thing or a fan-made setting for a pre-existing rules set?

    Speaking of Mass Effect, The RPG Academy recently did an episode about a card-based sci-fi RPG called Faith that is currently in its final week on Kickstarter. It looks and sounds kind of amazing.


  2. Stacie Winters

    Great episode as usual and I hope you do the episode on the Bard… it’s always been my least favorite character type in all of fantasy and maybe you’re episode on the Bard will convince me why it’s a viable option as a type of character to play in a fantasy rpg.

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