Feb 18 2015

MMP#144 – Knowledge & Interpersonal Skills

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. We’re back this week to talk about Knowledge and Interpersonal skills. We also hang out in the Lab to talk about Tyvir’s Teachings. Wondering what that means? Well listen and find out.

Time Stamp

0:33 – Lounge

What’s Going On

Game of the Week: XCom the Boardgame

Extradimentional Social Media Depository

21:30 – The Garage: Knowledge and Interpersonal Skills

57:13- The Lab: Tyvir’s Teachings



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  1. Avi

    Great episode. You guys have been knocking it out of the park recently – as good anyone, including Ken and Robin.
    My only tip (which you already do to some extent) is to include more worked examples. It is always great when you demonstrate your point with an anecdote from your own gaming experience.
    My suggestion for a topic is Scene Framing.

  2. mrm1138

    I would absolutely love to hear an episode on bards! I’m currently running a D&D 5e game in which one of the party members is a bard. Because I’m using the starter set adventure, The Lost Mine of Phandelver, which only came with pre-gens of the standard classes (fighter, wizard, rogue, cleric), there’s nothing in the adventure that’s tailored to a bard’s skills. Seeing as how this is the first adventure I’ve ever GMed in any system, I’m a little ambivalent about my ability to go off-book, but I want to make sure my bard feels like she’s getting her chance in the spotlight. (One thing that helps is that the party does not have a cleric, so she is the only PC who can heal others.)

    Anyway, I felt like hearing more about the good and bad of bards might help to spark my imagination a bit for future sessions.

  3. Matthew Soloman

    Bards. I want to hear all about the bards. Savr it for when you guys aren’t very busy, but bring us some bardic knowledge.

    Also, the ideas about presenting information in game through a characters class or background sounds awesome. I look forward to adopting this in my own game. What ideas do you guys have on the use of knowledge and interpersonal skills during encounters? Do you front load the characters with information about their enemies and environment at the beginning of a fight? Or do you require them to spend actions to make checks? In my experiance, players aren’t willing to take time during an encounter to make knowledge checks, does that mean I should make the results more useful to encourage them? And interpersonal skills, usually the action of intimidate or bluff takes up a whole turn. What do you think of carrying levels of success, i.e. its easy to intimidate a creature into not attacking you, harder to impose a frightened condition and difficult to get them to flee. I would love to hear your takes on this.

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