Oct 24 2014

MMP#134 – Ken Hite on Espionage and Eldritch Horror

      1. MMP-134-Espionage-with-Ken-Hite-and-Eldrich-Horror.mp3

Espionage with Ken Hite and Eldritch Horror

Hey Folks. This week I give you the Ken Hite Espionage panel from the Queen City Conquest and Phil and I take an In Depth look at Eldritch Horror while the show is bookended by the News on the front and the Geekery on the back. We also take another step closer to killing off the fiction.

The Bar

Class Warfare

Dynamite Licenses ‘Mage Wars’

Beta version of Delta Green v3 has been released for review.

Chill Kickstarter

Pro Level Gaming and Extra Life

The Workshop – Ken Hite on Espionage

In Depth – Eldritch Horror 

The Geekery

The Peripheral by William Gibson


  1. Geoff Nelson

    What happened to the Ken Hite talk on making games wierd? I was looking forward to hearing it on the podcast.

    1. Chris Sniezak

      You know. I think that got lost to the digital ether. I’ll go take a look but I don’t know if I still have that audio.

  2. Johnstone

    Thanks for the shout out! That workshop Ken Hite did was pretty awesome, too.

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