Sep 04 2014

MMP#127 – Chattin with Mappin, Mass Effect RPG, & AMP Year One

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Chattin with Mappin, Mass Effect RPG, and AMP Year One

Hey Folks. We’re here at the house to chat with Captain Mappin who is suited up in his best TNG uniform, ready to tell us all about his very free Mass Effect RPG powered by Fate, and give us some inside stories from the olden days of the gaming industry. We also have our first part of our AMP Year One RPG review covering the setting of the game.

1:36 – Intro: Chatting with Mappin

30:55 – Gameroom

47:25 – Mass Effect RPG

1:25:15 – AMP Year One Review: Setting

1:38:44 – The Geekery


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  1. Chris Sniezak

    Kinda cool to hear from the origin of the name of Stacie Winters. I didn’t even realize you were one of the backers who backed for their name in the book since Stacie Winters just feels like a farm girl who ends up being an AMP.

    1. Stacie Winters

      That is ironic since I’ve never stepped foot on a farm in my life. 🙂

  2. Stacie Winters

    Great episode… it’s still very weird for me to hear or read my name so much in AMP: Year One. When I paid to have my name in the book during the KS I hadn’t anticipated that he’d actually make it so important in the story.

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