May 27 2015

MMP# 157 – Cyberpunk

Hey folks. This episode we’re getting our cybernetics out and entering the matrix to explore the genre of cyberpunk and then talk about some of the gameable parts of it. We also do our normal stuff in the lounge where we hear some bait & switch stories and we go a little Mad in the Geekery as we talk Fury Road before finishing up with Daredevil.

Time Stamps

1:01 – Network Announcements

9:14 – What’s Going On

17:16 – Game Spotlight

Titan’s of Gaming
6th gun kickstarter

22:39 – Extradimentional Social Media Depository

34:37 – Workshop: Cyberpunk

Phil’s 17 year old Cyberpunk thoughts

1:27:04 – Geekery

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  1. mrm1138

    On the topic of cyberpunk RPGs, I just played a new one at the Gamex convention in Los Angeles over Memorial Day weekend. The title is Synthicide, and it takes place in a future where a tech cult has become an interplanetary Vatican-like superpower. Thanks to their influence, killing a robot is a crime, while killing a human being… not so much. The tone is very noirish, as player characters fly from planet to planet accepting jobs of dubious legality in the hopes that they can make enough money to keep their ships going. (In other words, it’s as if the worlds in Firefly were more like William Gibson’s Sprawl instead of the Old West and frontier.)

    Admittedly, the combat is a little more tactical than I usually go for, but it’s very much on the light side of tactical. The rest of the rules were easy to pick up and allowed for a great degree of roleplaying. I highly recommend checking out the website (which is full of great artwork and offers the sample adventure the creator ran for download) at synthiciderpg[dot]com.

    P.S. – Much as I enjoyed Synthicide, the true highlight of the con for me was White Star, the new sci-fi RPG from Barrel Rider Games that uses Sword & Wizardry White Box rules as its foundation. Tim from Happy Jack’s ran it—as well as a fantastic S&W White Box game immediately beforehand—and the adventure he used was essentially Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off. I fell head-over-heels for this game and can’t wait to run it in the near future!

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