Jan 02 2015

MMP #138 – Fiction Engines and Games of the Year

      1. 138-Fiction-Engines.mp3

138 – Fiction Engines and Games of the Year

iIPNV9aqUYrGsHey Folks. Happy New Year and all that Jazz. The MMP is back with an episode talking about fiction engines and we give you what our favorite games we played this year were. So enjoy and we’re looking forward to a 2015 where we keep entertaining and informing you.

Segment Times

0:38 – Lobby

8:30 – Gameroom

21:23 – Workshop

49:11 – Geekery


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  1. Shawn Merwin

    I am putting together a seminar that I will be running for DMs in 2015 called “DMing 101: Managing the Narrative.” I am having a bear of a time making it simple enough to get through to new DMs, while at the same time not making it too basic. Listening to you both talk through the fiction engine idea covered a lot that I already thought through, and some points will help me pare it down into a bullet point. Thanks!

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