Nov 24 2014

MMP #136 – Dice Pools & Encoded Designs 2015

      1. 136-Dice-Pools-Encoded-Designs-2015.mp3

Dice Pools & Encoded Designs 2015

Hey Folks. Chris here to bring you another episode of the Misdirected Mark Podcast. This week we head over to the Gameroom, then make our way to the garage to chat about dice pools, go into the lab and give the lowdown on Encoded Designs 2015 and beyond plans, and finish up at the still empty geekery to talk about some TV shows we like.

Intro and some bumper music by Mike Willard – Solar Winds can be purchased here

1:08 – The Lounge

11:59 – The Gameroom

30:04 – The Garage: Dice Pools

1:04:14 – The Lab: Encoded Designs 2015

1:27:36 – The Geekery: Agents of Shield & Elemetary


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  1. Stacie Winters

    Liked the episode and it got me thinking on dice pool mechanisms in games and I think there are two games that you guys would maybe like that use dice pools and those are the FFG Star Wars games (Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion) and the Japanese to English rpg Tenra Bansho Zero. Thanks for also talking about Elementary, now I have a new show to go watch. 🙂

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