Feb 28 2013

Episode 51 – John Wick or The Death of the House

051 – John Wick or The Death of the Housewicked fantasy dice

Hello friends. I have to say it’s been a great year of podcasting and I hope this episode is one of the best yet. We have John Wick on to talk about his Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter, impart some gaming wisdom, and tell some excellent stories. Mark and I also have an issue with the house which resolves with an explosive ending.

1:57 – Watercooler

Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter
Regaining Home Kickstarter
Pax East
Will Wheaton and JoCo play Artemis

8:13 – Gameroom

D&D Next with Megascorcher
League of Legends
Baseball Heroes
Descent 2nd edition
Dungeon Command

16:06 – A Wicked and fantastical Conversation with John Wickreign of men

Who is John Wick
Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter
Shotgun Diaries
The Big Book of Little Games
Gaming Technology
More Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter stuff – Savage World and Dungeon World Conversions.
Aegis Project
John Wick on conventions and maybe in Buffalo 2014 for the QCC?
Miniatures for the Wicked Fantasy Kickstarter
There’s a John Wick GM section in the Wicked Fantasy book.
John like Pro Westling and going to movies (especially at independent theaters)
The War – This is awesome and people should watch it.

1:04:20 – The Workshop

Week 6 from The Underground – Beg, Barrow, and Steal

1:13:03 – The Geekery

We’re going on the road.

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