Nov 23 2017

Jianghu Hustle #4 – Setting the Stakes; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

This time, we meditate at the peak of Mount Wudan in the hopes that we can learn to hold the Green Destiny in stillness. We’re talking about setting the stakes in wuxia stories through the lens of the all-time masterpiece of the genre, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. How much would you risk for the things you hold dear?

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Patrick Explains Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (And Why It’s Great)

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  1. OldSchoolDM

    Great episode guys! I have no interest in running a wushu game, but your recounting of CR, HD was awesome and really instructive for how I might use combat as narrative in my D&D 5e games. (I’ll bet you didn’t think that would happen.)

    No mechanics required.

    Oh, and now i really really really want to watch it again…

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