Oct 09 2017

H&FotOSR#20 – Frank Mentzer

On this episode Hobbs is joined by The Legendary Frank Mentzer. They talk Empryea, TSR, BECMI, and other things. Enjoy the show and let Jason know how we’re doing in the comments below or email us at  hobbsnfriends@misdirectedmark.com.

Show Notes

  • Introduction
    • Introduce Guest of the week  Frank Mentzer(10 minutes)
      • Old TSR Grognard
        • BECMI
        • Temple of Elemental Evil
        • List goes on
      • How do we know each other
        • Cons
      • Weekly gaming briefly
        • Hobbs (Playtesting Whitebox western game)(WWO online)
        • Frank (?)
      • Everything about YOU! (Never Read Rules Cyclopedia)
        • Frank
    • Frank Mentzer (Main topic)(20 minutes)
      • Any new old TSR Stories
      • Empryea/Aquaria
        • The Aesthetic
        • Multiple version compatability
        • Loxley
          • Eldritch Enterprises
          • The Team
        • The Okay from EGG
        • Is the product OSR or containing BECMI stat blocks
        • Haters – anything to say about their reasoning?


  • Timeline – 2008?


      • Cons
        • Which is the best
          • Why
        • RPG Awards


  • State of the OSR (5 Minutes)


    • Is the OSR irrelevant
  • Outro (5 Minutes)
    • Patrons (Appreciation)
      • (David Horrocks), (Brian Miller), (Cody Mazza)
    • @hobbsindeed, @osrnhobbs, www.patreon.com/OSRnHobbs
    • hobbsnfriends@misdirectedmark.com
    • Hobbs & Friends of the OSR G+ Community (418)
    • Hobbs & Friends of the OSR is part of the Misdirected Mark Network, media arm of Encoded Designs

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