Apr 27 2017

Gnomecast #13 – Texting in Character

Welcome to the Gnomecast, the Gnome Stew’s tabletop gaming advice podcast. Here we talk with the other gnomes about gaming things to avoid becoming part of the stew. So I guess we’d better be good. Today we have John, Matt, and myself, Ang. Today the topic at hand is Texting in Character, a guest article from Craig Dedrick. I hope you enjoy and let us know how you’ve handled the things we talk about today.


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  1. Michael Phillps

    The CD ROM John had was probably the 1.0 version of https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Dungeons-Dragons-Expansion-CD-ROM/dp/0786915439
    Electronic dice rollers are huge accessibility boons. Mostly don’t play with cheaters.

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