Feb 09 2017

FofOSR #3 – Donn “Drink-Spin-Run” Stroud

On this episode Hobbs is joined by Donn “Drink-Spin-Run” Stroud and they talk DCC, Adventure Conqueror King, Matt Finch’s old school primer and a random table roll of other things. Enjoy the show and let Jason know how we’re doing in the comments below or email us at hobbsnfriends@misdirectedmark.com.


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  1. Hawk Stevens

    I love the discussion about the names in DCC. I’ve only played DCC once and didn’t even consider that I wouldn’t be with these characters for very long. I actually changed the names of 3 of my 4 characters after about 20 minutes because I didn’t like them. As it turned out, only one of my initial 4 survived, Galan, and that was one I hadn’t changed. I guess next time Pig Poker, Lizard Droppings, Goblin Nuts and Petunia. Haaa.

    Best quote…” it reeks of Moorcock…”. (Hobbs stifling laugh). Way to keep it classy, Hobbs.

    Corruption rules in DCC. Maybe it doesn’t happen often (or ever) but the possibility of it is really appealing. That’s some great flavor to this game in addition to the mercurial magic. I like the dangerous approach to magic.

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