Jan 01 2014

Episode #95 – Inspiration for Characters

      1. 095-Inspiration-for-Characters.mp3

Inspiration for Characters


Hey Folks. This week I thought I was alone but Father Knapik sent in some back up in the form of Alex Swingle. We chat about the normal things and in the Workshop we talk about inspiration for characters and how when you make or develop your character has a big impact on finding ideas for your characters.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games

0:35 – Intro

2:12 – Watercooler

18:49 – Gameroom

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Final Fantasy IV the After Years
Mass Effect

Titan Quest
Iron brigade

28:00 – Workshop: Character generation in terms of finding inspiration for neat ideas.

56:40 – Geekery

Chris – Buffy Season 9 comics

Alex – Stingray,  Andrew Gorney – i funk: lilypad , The Dead AmericansJustin Pots.

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