Dec 19 2013

Episode #93 – Christmas and What is System Really?

Christmas and What is System Really

Hey folks. This week we learn the last piece we need to deal with the master of dungeons, talk a bit about what we thing is happening with D&D Next, have a brief conversation about the day off, I have a conversation about systems on the broad level with Alex Swingle, and we have a contest announcement in the geekery.

Sponsors for the Show – Seeley and Kane’s Comics, Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games

1:39 – Intro

5:15 – Watercooler

Pete Figtree’s Patreon Project for Creating Teacher Guides and Aids for Indy Games. 
Tiny Fate and Advanced Tiny Fate
The D&D Next Playtest Docs are now gone
The Fate line is now in retail stores
Level 99 Games Spotlight Argent the consortium

13:21 – Gameroom

D&D Encounters

Mass Effect
Marvel Puzzle Quest
Winter Sucks for Gaming

20:21 – Workshop: Swingle and the Sneeze talking about System

51:28 – Geekery
Old Coins are so cool
You’re #1 geek gift for Christmas Contest

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  1. Ed Healy

    I didn’t even realize Pete was on patreon. Going to go help him out now!

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