Dec 12 2013

Episode #92 – In Service to the Game

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In Service to the Game


Hey Folks. Things be crazy but here’s the show. A little bit of everything plus something new in the mix. Thank’s Joan “The Game” Nobile for bailing me out this week.

Sponsors for the ShowLevel 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games, Seeley and Kane’s Comics

0:44 – Intro – Get better Tangent Twin Dave

2:24 – Watercooler
Protocol Games Series: 15 Thematic Story / RolePlaying Games
SARPA resolution on Open Gaming – It’s staying for another year, at least.
Argent the Consortium
Designers and Dragons the TSR chapters
Dark Forest finishes first Magic Standard Championship series tournaments. Congratulations to Jeremiah Renda for taking home the cash.

10:26 – Gameroom

SCA Boardgame event.
King of Tokyo
Pitch car

Marvel Puzzle Quest
Fate Supers

19:57 – Workshop – Playing in service to the game instead of the character.

30:51 – You Know What Really Chaps My Ass – Holy Rollers

45:09 – Geekery

Code Week
Funnybooks with Aaron and Paulie

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  1. Alex Swingle

    You know what really chaps my ass? That holy roller conversation. He tried really hard to make his points and change subjects when he was proven wrong. I mean, I can understand rewording a point because it wasn’t understood, but when Chris used the MLK example to show dying isn’t always about dying for your faith, to call politics as his faith was insulting and underhanded. Certainly brought the Crossfire feel, because there are just as many scumbags saying crap like that on Crossfire to try and look like they are right. Not saying he is a scumbag, I’m saying those tactics are low blow debate techniques.

    I’ve played priests and paladins in D&D and people of the faith don’t have to be holier than thou. My favorite priest character was Todd Stone, a Cleric with 3 Constitution in Swords and Wizardry (a D&D 1st edition clone). Still didn’t die yet from over 12 sessions where I actively fought 8 battles (Clerics don’t even get a heal spell at level 1 in the game). The god I had him pray to was of time and the afterlife. He was a spiritwalker burying and guiding the dead to the after life and when he did learn to heal, his god would reverse time of the wound instead of ‘heal’ it with holy light. There was some temptation to do evil tasks, but the campaign was meant to play with good and evil before I made the character.

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