Dec 04 2013

Episode #91 – Lie Detectors, Geeking with Baby, and Gaming Locations

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Lie Detectors, Geeking with Baby, and Gaming Locations

Hey Folks. This week we talk about Insight and how to handle it during your game and have several other conversations about gaming clubs and locations and geek culture concerning Mark’s feelings on parenting.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Seeley & Kanes

0:44 – Intro – Appendicitis sucks

4:22 – Watercooler
No More Open Gaming
Mike Merals Design Finesse Part 2
Elder Sign Omens is now on Steam
BS-Radio Hiatus Over
Pelgrane Press is looking for Playtesters
Level 99 Games Spot – Argent the Consortium

26:24 – Gameroom

Blood Bowl
Ticket to Ride

Cards Against Humanity
Eat A Whole Pie

30:19 – Workshop – Insight as a lie detector. How to deal with the problem

1:01:48 – Geekery

We’re Alive: A podcast about Survival
More Superhero Redesigns
What Little Boys learn from Star Wars

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  1. Alex Swingle

    Sorry for the delay, but here is my two cents.

    The insight skill is a good example of a poorly writen rule and is so subjective, it shows more of who can be the bigger dick when interpreting and enforcing the rule.

    Number 1: The Skill doesn’t tell you if the GM or Player decides what is revealed whether you succeed or not.

    Number 2: The mention of gainig a clue is vague in saying it has to be helpful for the player, .etc. This is where the being a dick part comes in. You can give a hint that doesn’t really help the player figure anything out and still fulfill your duty as a GM.

    Number 3: The skill only works assuming there is a bluff being made. The constant use of it is a symptom of trauma like Detect Traps being constantly used in each room because the player dealt with a dick GM who burned him too many times to not do it.

    Insight is a trust-based skill between the GM and Player. Establish that first and it’ll go easier. Also, if someone wants to use insight, discuss what will actually be done. You will have to house rule it because it’s so poorly explained.

    ” Insight: No action required when countering a Bluff check, minor action in combat, or part of a Skill Challenge. Requires some amount of interaction to get a read on a target.
    DC: See the table. If you’re trying to see through a bluff, this is an opposed check against your opponent’s Bluff check.
    Success: You counter a Bluff check, gain a clue about a social situation, sense an outside influence on someone, or recognize an effect as illusory.
    Failure: You can’t try again until circumstances change.
    Recognizing an Effect as Illusory: The DM might use your passive Insight check to determine if you notice the telltale signs of an illusion effect. Noticing such an effect doesn’t break the illusion, but you recognize the effect as illusory. “

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