Oct 24 2013

Episode #85 – Fred Hicks and Con on the Cob

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Fred Hicks and Con on the Cob

Con on the Cob Banner

Hey Folks. Today we have Fred Hicks from Evil Hat Productions and a bunch of interviews with people from Con on the Cob. I love me some Con on the Cob. Look for the Con on the Cob lost audio files which will be coming soon with a chat with Lester Smith from Popcorn Press and formerly of TSR.

Sponsors for the Show – Level 99 Games, Seeley and Kanes, and Evil Beagle Games

1:59 – Intro

3:18 – Watercooler

The Quest Kick Kickstarter
The Strange Kickstarter
Bones kickstarter 2
Obsidian portal News
Rob’s Game Group and Game Traders
Level 99 games spot – Noir is still on sale but you won’t get it before holloween.

10:03 – Gameroom

Gaming with Baby

D&D Encounters

D&D Encounters
Con on the Cob Recap
Eminent Domain
Cantabury by Andrew Parks
1740 Demo 1740
Fate – Superheros with Knights of the Night’s Tom Flanagan and Ruthless Diastema’s Pete FIgtree
25:48 – On the Floor interviews
Growling Door Games

1:06:57 – Lounge – Fred Hicks of Evil Hat Productions

2:01:21 – Geekery

Epic Rap battles of History
Con on the Cob Parties
God Strike Tempest

GST3 GST2 GST1 GST whole


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  1. Chris Sniezak

    Well now I’m curious to see this. Let me know when they’re up and I’ll direct people to them.

  2. Casey McKenzie

    After hearing Fred try to use “transparency” as a weapon vs. Monte Cooks “words” I thought this should be developed into a thing. I thought of a game of Ryan Macklin’s Mythender RPG. If Fred and Monte were two of the mythenders using transparency and words as weapons, who would be the other two designers in the party and what weapons would they use to destroy the myths Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson? Hensly, Laws, Baker, Morningstar, Wick? Thoughts?

    1. Chris Sniezak

      I think Ken Hite could be part of that party and he would use information because he has a ton of it. He would just hit you with knowledge so hard your brain would swell then explode.

      1. Casey McKenzie

        As I tried to jot down that list I searched for RPG designers and could not find a good list of current RPG designers like I wanted. All the names are in my head from various podcasts and such but I knew I would forget a good one. Ken would be perfect!

        1. Chris Sniezak

          So just listing designers you had a pretty good list going. Others I can think of are Cam Banks, Marc Diaz Truman, Brain Engard, Mike Olson, Lenny Balsera, Clint Black, Rob Heinsoo, Johnathan Tweed, Ron Edwards, Luke Crane, Graham Walmsley, Bruce Cordell, Mike Mearls, Chris Perkins, Epidiah Ravchol, Wies, Hickman. There’s a decent appendix N for game designers who you should probably be checking out

          1. Casey McKenzie

            Thanks Chris. I hope to get all the pr-gens created and put them up on G+ for evaluation. Thanks for the list.

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