Oct 10 2013

Episode #83 – Rear End Chapping Story Bashing

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083 – Rear End Chapping Story Bashing

Baby Mae

Hello folks and welcome if you’re new from BS-Radio. That’s right, we’re now syndicated. Those doppleganers sure did some work which makes me wonder if I should get rid of them or hire them as consultants. In any case we have a new segment this week called “You Know What Really Chaps My Ass”, I get to talking about Story with Alex Swingle in the Workshop, Mark gives us a report on Gaming with Baby, and I confront my old foe Vera in the Geekery…god I hate her. Hope you enjoy.

Sponsors for the Show – Seeley and Kanes, Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games

1:44 – Intro

Patreon Project

3:08 – Watercooler

Tales of the Age
Enter the Unknown – FF Star Wars
Bones II Kickstarter.
Known Direction Pathfinder Podcast Kickstarter
The Roddrick Keith Johnson Eulogy
Chrono’s, the universal Larp system Kickstarter 

Level 99 Games Spot – Noir is on Sale

7:00 – Gameroom

Fate Elhal Fails and re-assessments
Steam Punk Investigations and the power of a conversation
D&D Encounters

D&D encounters
Dresden Files
Savage Worlds

19:18 – You Know What Really Chaps My Ass

Using Props at the game table
Vast and Starlit
Swords without Master

Evil Beagle Spot – Bundle of Shaintar

32:35 – Workshop – Thinking about Story with Alex Swingle

Mom’s Basement Podcast
Video Game Scoreboard
Simply Gaming Internationals October Fest of Death

1:05:10 – Geekery

Marvels the Agents of Sheild


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  1. Chris Sniezak

    You know Alex. I think I might have misstated when I was talking about D&D 4e. What the game does well is create a fun skirmish game. I think the term RPG is so broad it’s not fair to say D&D 4e isn’t a good RPG unless I state what I first believe is a good RPG. This is just an opinion but I feel RPG’s should promote a certain kind of story creating. Games that just have mechanics which are primarily geared towards a series of fights don’t really give one the tools to create a story. But like I said, that’s an opinion. Role Playing Game just means your taking on a role and if the role is to beat up monsters and take their stuff then sure, it’s a Role Playing Game. It means the term has lost meaning and any game can be a role playing game as long as your taking on the Role of a Character. That means games where your don’t take on a Role of a Character means they aren’t Role Playing Games. So I guess, just according to the definition, you just need to take on the role of a character.

    To answer the question. I think people who can take a game like Monopoly and then invent characters with motivations and goals which are in line with the games goals yet make them feel different through play as they play do have a greater imagination and probably should be designing games themselves.

  2. Alex Swingle

    I’m curious and this question is semi-rhetorical; if a game isn’t designed to be a role-playing but you make it one, does that show the user has a greater imagination? The question is in regard to the Chap My Ass segment when you guys were talking about the D&D editions and how it is a board game and not a good role-playing game.

  3. Chris Sniezak

    Thank for the info todd. I’ll be sure to share this with the listeners on the episode after next since the next episode is already in the can.

  4. Todd Zircher

    Everyday people games…

    Everyone is John: This is that game you were talking about where all the players are voices in the NPC’s head vying for control.

    Clover: A game about being a five year old and her life.

    XXXXtreme Street Luge A game about a bunch of dudes hanging around town and telling stories about Street Luge and trying to make something of their lives.

    Prime Time Adventures While it is a game about soap operas and other TV shows, it easily can be a slice of life story.

    Shameless but related plug…

    The Trouble with Rose: I wrote this game a few years back when I was inspired by Shakespeare’s As You Like It. It’s a very versatile system that uses dominoes and cards with a lot of player narrative control. While you can do fantastical settings, it is easy to create an every day set of characters in everyday situations (well, except for Rose, she’s such a drama queen.) 🙂


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