Oct 03 2013

Episode #82 – Breaking Out

      1. Breaking Out - Misdirected Mark

082 – Breaking Out


Hello Friends. This week we have a new segment called From the Stew. I also sit down and chat with David Pulver about his new adventure Laboratory of the Forsaken from Crafty Games and his career as a writer and game designer. Hope you enjoy.

Sponsors for the Show – Seeley and Kanes, Level 99 Games, Evil Beagle Games


  • Living Forgotten Realms at Seeley and Kane’s Comics this weekend from noon to 5pm. BALD1-2 THE NIGHT I CALLED THE DEAD OUT
  • War of the Ashes RPG by Evil Hat Productions
  • The Age of Rebellion Beta book is now available for purchase.
  • The Dragon Kings Kickstarter is now Live.
  • Beliefs and Instincts from Burning Wheel, the why they make RPGs.
  • The Pandemic IOs App comes out as of the release of this episode.
  • Shaintar Legends Unleashed Update


Lords of Waterdeep w/ both expansions
Settlers of Catan on Majorica Map
Boss Monster – 8 Bit Awesomeness
Mighty Number 9
Guilds of Cadwallon – Area control game – Fate Elhal Character Game Creation
D&D Encounters

D&D Encounters
Justice and Life
Dresden Files with a baby

From the Stew – 11 Thing to Help Your Players be Better Roleplayers

Lounge – David Pulver and Laboratory of the Forsaken.


Mark Smash and Baby Mae

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