Sep 26 2013

Episode #81 – The Four Game Check Point

      1. The Four Game Check Point - Misdirected Mark

The Four Game Check Point

Hello Friends. This week we hit the four game check point and discuss killing you limping campaigns. We also have a ton of news and chat about the things we’ve…what’s with all the pictures and the list of adventures on the website this week. Weird. Looks like we’re getting that glitch again. I’ll have to call tech support. Sorry folks but if you know what’s up with them feel free to let us know.

Let’s play the match game. In the comments section or on the Facebook page match the number to the letter to help us out of the dungeon.

The Dungeon – Ten adventures
1) Castle Amber
2) Expedition to the Barrier Peaks
3) The Ghost Tower of Inverness
4) City of Skulls
5) White Plume Mountain
6) Tomb of Horrors
7) The Village of Hommlet
8) The Keep on the Borderlands
9) Against the Cult of the Reptile God
10) The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh






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  1. Eric simon

    Sadly, won’t be able to get to Con on the Cob this year, as it is the same weekend as Chicago ENWorld Gameday. But I will try to get to you guys at some point to run Steamscapes for you!

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