Sep 05 2013

Episode #78 – The EPIC QCC 2013

078 – The EPIC QCC 2013



Hello Friends. This Episode is dedicated to the memory of our friend Bill Keane. Listen in to hear us chat a little about him, the Queen City Conquest, and Epic Storytelling while hitting our usual haunts…

Thanks Rob. You got us a message and we’ll do our…

Pay no attention to those messages that I can’t seem to get rid of after they’re posted. I really need to get that fixed. Anyways I hope you enjoy the show.

This episode is sponsored by Seeley and Kane’s comics.


3:29 – Intro

4:13 – Watercooler/Gameroom

Dragon Kings Music sample music track
The Indie Treasure Trove
QCC Recap:

Justice and Life
Privateer Press
Game Craze
Karol the Collector
Artemis and Thom Robertson
Dante Vecchione

Goblin Warlord
Get Bit

Dresden Files

1:00:58 – Workshop – Sponsored by Seely and Kanes


1:18:18 – Lounge

SPF Convention Chat

1:59:57 – Geekery

Zen Audio Smith

The EPIC QCC 2013


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  1. Chris Sniezak

    We’ve been having some technical difficulties recently with the show. Mark’s recording space has been compromised so he’s not doing his normal stuff and my mixer seems to be on the fritz so I’m working with some different equipment. I think I’ve found some solutions to the problems so hopefully things will get better but thanks for the feedback.

  2. Joe

    I’m still listening to the show, and I concur with the sentiment honoring your friend. As someone who has a number of officers as family/friends, I appreciate the moment of silence.

    I did note that in this episode, there’s a LOT of audio pops and static. I’m not sure what is causing it, be it peaking , or a faulty mic cable, but I found it very distracting.

    Love the show, and keep it up!

  3. Alex Swingle

    This was a great recording to honor your friend with.

  4. Luke

    http://www.infinitythegame.com/infinity/en/ is the infinity website

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