Aug 29 2013

Episode #77 – Exploration and Panik

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077 – Exploration and Panik


Hello Friends. We got a new Watercooler this week. We also have Dr. Nik Palmer from the Ennie nominated Panik Productions to tell us about how they are using technology to make better game products and the philosophy of Panik Production. We then delve into exploration in the workshop. We also cover all the normal stuff we normally hit in the Gameroom and the Geekery. Hey, what’s this message on my phone? Looks like astrological symbols and a message…never mind folks. Just ignore that last sentence and remember this episode is sponsored by Seeley and Kanes Comics.

0:00 – Dungeon
Zodiac puzzle




3:32 – Intro

Seeley and Kane’s Ad

4:39 – The Watercooler

Lords of Waterdeep on Tabletop
Operation Fallen Reich. An RPG set in WWII.
New Sponsor: Evil Beagle Games , Colossal Clash
Gamers to Fight Tree Ailment
Got my copy of Numenera and peoples pictures of it are now floating around G+

11:00 – Gameroom

The Market of Alturien
Actually am doing some game design for Fate.
D&D Encounters

Sentinels of the Multiverse

22:42 – Lounge – Dr. Nik Palmer and Panik Productions

(This is not my best audio quality, towards the end of the interview somthing happened and things got a little wierd on the audio end. Sorry about that folks)

Iron GM Recap
The Ennie Nominated The Deadly Seven. Nominated for Best Electronic Product
Interesting question about Gaming Technology in the next 5 years and where it’s going
Modern Adventures
Happy Fun Rules
Two Rooms and a Bomb
The Depths of Insanity

1:00:28 – Workshop – Exploration in games. What’s it all about and how can we make it work in our games.

1:14:20 – Geekery

Queen City Conquest
Batman Beyond
Fatman on Batman

077 – Exploration and Panik

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