Aug 21 2013

Episode #76 – GenCon 2013 and Improv

076 – GenCon 2013 and Improv

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CenCon image

Hello Friends, This week it’s GenCon recap day where I did five minutes with as many people as I could, wherever I could, to bring to you. Enjoy the insanity I went through to get that audio. We also get into the new Workshop to talk about how improvisational theater techniques can help your game. We finish in the Geekery chatting up the Queen City Conquest. Buffalo’s premier gaming convention. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to send us feedback at chris@misdirectedmark.com. This episode is sponsored by Seeley and Kanes Books and Comics

0:00 – The Dungeon – The slip of paper
The heat from the torchlight causes a message to appear on the once-blank note: “Mix the highest of 28, one of 48, and the lowest of 206 into the last cup, filled with water.”

4:08 – Intro

4:44 – News

Chris’s GenCon Recap
Jeff Greiner of the Tome Show
7:05 – Andy Hopp – Mutha Oith CreationsYort stick Andy Hopp

Lowlife1 Lowlife 4 Lowlife 3 Lowlife2
12:42 – Eloy Lasanta: Third Eye Games
17:39 – James Ernest: Deadwood Hollywood Studios, Fish Cook, Veritas
20:31 – Fez-o-rama: Twitter:@Fezmonger
23:01 – Drunk QuestDrunk Quest
26:27 – Ashley Zeb: Eschaton media, Dystopia Rising
Gnome stew
Dungeon Bastard
Monte Cook Games
Wicked Fantasy
Ninja Girls Reform School
Dino-Pirates Ninja Island

39:37 – Sean Patrick Fannon

45:16 – Adam Kobel interview: Sage-Kobold Productions
Go Westerly

Steve Sigity
58:06 – Kate Connolly interview: GoKo games

Mark News
Jane Mcgonigal

1:11:36 – Gameroom

Murder at Balder’s Gate – D&D Gameday
Eureka 501 Plots
GoG – Baulder’s Gate

Guilds of Calderon
Dragon Whisperer by Albino Dragon.
Ninja dice
Ablaze: Fire fighting game
Catan Junior
High Noon Saloon
Star Wars X-Wing
The Fall of Pompeii

1:24:59 – Workshop
Topic – Paul Tevis: What Improv Has Taught me about GMing 
Play Unsafe

1:39:23 – Geekery
Queen City Conquest
Got my picture taken with a DalekMe and a Dalek

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