Aug 14 2013

Episode #75 – Misery Tourism

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075 – Misery Tourism

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Hello Friends. This week we have Will Dureya from Misery Tourism Games on to talk about games which deal with Taboo topics. We get into the why behind the games and the purpose of them. I also chat with Garrett Crowe of Threat Detected and find out everything going on with…

People, we’re trapped somewhere dark. Please email me and help…

Sorry. Don’t know what keeps happening with the feed here so just ignore the above text. I can’t seem to remove it but we have people on it. In any case we find out everything going on with Garrett and spend some time in our normal haunts. Hope you enjoy.

Show Notes

The Dungeon
We’ve got a piece of paper from the glass orb but nothings on it. What do we do with this?



Dragon King’s will produce 13th Age rules PDF if a stretch goal is hit during the kickstarter in September.

Age of Rebellion announced as the next core book for the Star Wars RPG from FFG.

Newbie DM’s Tips for new DMs

The Quest Kick Beta

D&D gameday



Baby class!
Encounters finale

Chat with Garrett Crowe

Buffalo Infringement Festival
Threat Detected
Hutt Inc. Adventure series released on The GSA
Garrett at GenCon
Padme’s Lover Beer – Official Beer of the Threat Detected Podcast
Lord of the Hives – JW Marriot Rm 202 on Friday 11pm

Misery Tourism Interview

Misery Tourism Games
The Misery Tourism Index Kickstarter


Being Human
Star Trek Rumors
QCC shout out
What do you folks think about the show these days
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This show was sponsored by Seely and Kane’s Comics. Check out their facebook page here.

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