Aug 08 2013

Episode #74 – Little Wizards and Dragon Kings…the Juxtaposition is interesting

      1. 074-DKLW-everything-else-edit.mp3

074 – Little Wizards and Dragon Kings



Hello friends. This week we have Amanda Valentine to talk about Little Wizards, an RPG to get younger folks into gaming, and we also have Timothy Brown who gives us the inside scoop on Dragon Kings, a trans-media project focusing on gaming, art, and music. I hope you enjoy…

Hey if someone is reading this please help us we’re trapped somewhere…

Sorry folks, don’t know where that come from. Where was I. Oh. I hope you enjoy the show.

2:25 – Intro

3:48 – News

Wicked Fantasy – The Enemy known as Uz
The Cortext + Hackers Guide
Peter Capaldi announced as the New Doctor
Shark Week Snafu
Cryptozoic Saves the Doom that Came to Atlantic City
Monsters by Email
The Sundering Event
Penny Arcade Podcast Games
GenCon Stuff

GM’s Jam 11am Sat ICC Rm 242
The Ennies and Live Tweeting
A Night with Dungeons and Dragons

17:04 – The Gameroom

D&D Encounters

Mark built the new Shaintar Website
We are now part of the Gamerati Network


23:04 – Amanda Valentine and Little Wizards

Crafty Games
Jocelyn Koehler
Hammer and Birch
Sky Spark Books

1:04:39 – Timothy Brown and Dragon Kings

Dragon Kings
Dragon Kings Facebook Page

1:35:37 – Geekery

A Table of Geeks
The Force of Gypsy Dangers Rocket Punch via Science

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