Aug 01 2013

Episode #73 – Red Aegis and The Gamerati

Red Aegis and the Gamerati

Forge Origonal

Hello friends. This week we chat with Matt James from Vorpal Games and get the skinny on the Red Aegis Kickstarter and I have a conversation with Ed Healy about the Gamerati and marketing in the gaming industry.

1:51 – Intro

2:45 – News

The Doom that came to Atlantic City
Fred Hicks is wise
Jim Pinto’s six GMless games kickstarter

6:20 – The Gameroom

D&D Encounters
Baby Shower Games

Alan Wake
Shout out to Myke

13:09 – Matt James Interview and everything Red Aegis

1:05:14 – Ed Healy on the Gamerati and Marketing in the gaming industry.

The Forge99
Facebook page for the gamerati
Gamerati TV

2:04:49 – The Dungeon of the MoD

The Clue

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  1. Lowly Minion

    I just backed Red Aegis, on the strength of this interview. Thanks!

  2. Ed Healy

    Thanks for inviting me on your show, Chris. I had a blast.

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