Jul 25 2013

Episode #72 – The Mad Wizard Merwin and Level 99 Games


The Mad Wizard Merwin and Level 99 Games

Hello friends. This week we’re hiding out in Fredonia at the Mad Wizard Merwin’s home as we continue ducking the Master of Dungeons and his terrible minions. While we’re here we cover a bunch of news, chat about GenCon, a bit about the Ennies, talk about Living campaign history, try and help Mark with his Savage problem, and I speak with Brad Talton from Level 99 games about publishing, Kickstarter, gaming philosophy, and Power Play, the companies newest offering. Hope you enjoy and for the first time every there’s no mic drop. Listen to the end to find out why.

0:47 – Intro

1:47 – News
Shintar Kickstarter
GenCon Highlights

Mark isn’t Going
D&D Next is going to be everywhere
Chris is covering the Con
The Ennies

Voting For the Ennies is going on.
Voting for the Ennies judges is also going – Vote for me please.
The Red Aegis Kickstarter
Baby Shower Games

14:45 – Discussion about Living Campaigns
Organized Play and Living Campaigns – The differences

30:44 – The Extra Dimentional Enterainment Emporiumn

7 Wonders
Say Anything
Wiffle Ball???
Elder Sign
Wii U – Super Mario Bros
Ticket to Ride
Elder Sign Omens App
Texas Hold’em
D&D Encounters – Father and Son Card Shop

D&D Encounters
24 Hour Death March

League of Legends
Alan Wake
Ostia: Harbor of Rome
Ticket to Ride
Steam Punk Investigations
Dungeon World

58:55 – The Art and the Math of Game Design

1:18:06 – Level 99 Games and Power Play with Brad Talton – A conversation about publishing, philosophy, and Level 99 games.

Power Play Kickstarter
Booth 475 at GenCon

1:54:24 – The Geekery
Just listen to it.

1 comment

  1. Sean Patrick Fannon

    Enjoyed this very much, and I do sincerely hope that the Mad Wizard Merwin will honor me with a person-to-person chat about all this, because this is the kind of stuff that needs to be known.

    As well, I’d love to share my ideas with him and get his feedback.


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