Jul 10 2013

Episode #70 – Volcano’s, Player Tips, and Lenny Balsera

Volcanos, Player Tips, and Lenny Balsera

Evil Hat

Hello Friends. This week we hang at our secret volcano lair for the show which features an interview with Evil Hats Lenny Balsera and a conversation about eleven ways to be a better player. Enjoy.

Show Notes

0:40 – Intro – The Volcano Base

2:58 – News

Patreon Project
Gaming in the Verse – Firefly RPG
Drive Thru RPG Pay What You Want

Shaintar Players Guide
Fate Core
Fate Accelerated
Adventures in Oz
The adventures of Argyle and Crew: Adventures in Skcos

Ink – The Art PG at the QCC

Oddysey is on Sale at Drive Thru RPG
How Phil got his Groove Back article at Gnome Stew
Bulk Pricing for Fate Accelerated
Shaintar Kickstarter Update – Bonus Goal #8
Justice and Life shared campaign world

13:18 – Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

Stealth Bastard
Apples to Apples
Lords of Waterdeep
Cards against Humanity
Original Yard Board Game – Cindy’s Marshgammon

League of Legends
Telltales The Walking Dead
Dungeon World

23:14 – Interview with Lenny Balsera

1:04:21 РAround the Burning Volcanic Island РEleven Ways to be a Better Player

1:33:52 – The Geekery

Hush – The Batman Graphic Novel

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