Apr 17 2012

Episode #7 – UB Con

007 – UBCon

In Episode 7 the Misdirected Mark Podcast goes to UB Con. We talk about improvisation and keeping the gaming romance going with Kevin and Daina Burke, Savage Worlds with Tim Hannon (Mr. Savage Worlds Western New York), interview SARPA’s director of gaming, recap our Pax East experience, and talk a little about how you can make you campaign feel alive.

Show Notes

:42 Introductions

7:55 Improvisation in gaming 101

16:45 Keeping the gaming couple fire.

20:26 Savage Worlds with Tim Hannon “Mr. WNY Savage Worlds”

35:54 Interview with David Schwartz.

46:14 Pax East Recap

61:58 Adventure and Senario Design: Tricks to Making your campaigns feel alive


Buffalo Comedy Sportz
Gary Gygax Memorial Fund
1st Edition Rereleases
Nicolas Logue
With Great Power
Savage Worlds Explorers Society
Beautiful Brains Books and Games
Pinnacle Entertainment, owners of Savage Worlds
Queen City Conquest
Con on the Cob
Reality Blurs
Buffalo Gamer’s Society
Pax East
Melissa Lewis-Gentry on Facebook. Winner of the DM Challenge at Pax East 2012.

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