Jul 04 2013

Episode #69 – Sean Patrick Fannon, Shaintar, and Conflict PvP

069 – Sean Patrick Fannon, Shaintar, and Conflict PvP

Shaintar image

Hello friends. This week I speak with Mark Scott of Conflict Games about Conflict PvP and the Big Irish Sean Patrick Fannon about his journey in the game industry and all the exciting things surrounding the Shaintar kickstarter.

0:46 – Intro

1:55 – News

Legends and Lore Article
Patreon Project
Dragon Kings
Roll 20

6:39 – Extra dimensional entertainment Emporium

Dungeon Command
D&D Encounters
Murder in Baulder’s Gate

King of Tokyo
Puerto Rico
Lords of Waterdeep
Race to Adventure
The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 – Beaten and Done

14:43 – Mark Scott talks about Conflict PvP

Conflict Games LLC

52:59 – Sean Patrick Fannon and Shiantar

Scott Harrings The Gamer Magazine
Bruce Harlick
Shiantar Kickstarter
Ray Greer – Hero System 3
Steve Wieck
Savage Mojo
Justice and Life
Shaintar All Stars
Beautiful Brains Books and Games
Reality Blurs

2:07:55 – The Geekery

The Drive Inn

1 comment

  1. Randy

    Pretty cool interview with Mark. I wonder if my group would be into a PvP match or two. Hmm…

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