Jun 19 2013

Episode #67 – Stealth, Steel, and Stuff

Stealth, Steel, and Stuff


This week Mark and I are looking for the Master of Dungeons but aren’t having much luck so we talk about the normal stuff then chat about stealth in games and understanding your players while finally chatting about Man of Steel.

0:38 – Intro

1:38 – News

Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle
D&D Encounters – New stuff
Shaintar Kickstarter Update
Low Life Kickstarter Update
Never Unprepared lost – The fix is in.
Fate Open Licences
Correction from last week
Savage State of the Blur

12:12 – Extradimensional Entertainment Emporium

Brutal Legend
Star Wars: EotE

Vault of the Dracolich

16:39 – Around the Fire

Stealth and Scouting
Know your players

43:05 – The Geekery

Man of Steel


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  1. Tim Hannon

    Great show, as always, guys!

    One note: Stealth in Savage Worlds works a little bit differently than you noted. When a character wants to sneak up into an area, the GM must first define any guards as being “Inactive” or “Active”. Inactive means the guards haven’t been alerted to any danger, and so the Target Number for the Stealth check is 4. This is, of course, modified by various environmental factors, such as Illumination, Cover, etc. Active guards know there’s something going on, and so the Stealth check is opposed by their Notice roll. If you fail a Stealth check against Inactive guards, they become Active, and guards are always active if you’re within 12 yards (36′, or 6″ scale) of them.

    You do roll individual Stealth checks vs. any observers, so yes, if one character flubs his roll, he’s detected … but that doesn’t mean he detects anyone who made the roll. This needs to be adjudicated on a case-to-case basis, but I typically give the undetected characters a Surprise action.

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