Jun 12 2013

Episode #66 – The Odyssey with Phil and Walt

066 – The Odysseyodyfront-640w

Hello Friends. This week we’ve journeyed to one of the ten US gnome stew bunkers to have a conversation with Phil Vecchione and Walt Ciechanowski about their new book Odyssey: The Complete Game Master’s Guide to Campaign Management. Good thing I’m not a gnome.

0:47 – Intro

Phil’s here and a little about the Stew
Master of Dungeons update

3:45 – News

Cthulu Wars
Car Wars reference
Call of Cthulhu 7th edition
D&D Next Playtest Packet
Tangent: Gnomes as Monsters
David the Gnome reference
D&D Next Book released at GenCon?
No booth at GenCon for WotC?
Fate Tool Kit drops to Kickstarter backers
Fate Pay what you want for the PDFs
Shaintar Kickstarter

13:24 – Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

D&D Encounters
D&D Gameday June 15th
Elder Sign Omens

Fate Underground
Dungeon World
Ticket to Ride
King of Tokyo

Brutal Legend

24:19 – Embarking on an Odyssey

A little about Walt
All about Odyssey

1:15:12 – The Geekery

Vera and Phil?
Dr. Who talk
Table Top season 2.5 and Table Top is nominated for a Diana Jones Award
Local Buffalo Events
Mystery Men

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