Jun 06 2013

Episode #65 – It’s a Sharp Company

065 – It’s a Sharp company


Hello Friends. This week we have Matt James from Vorpal games on the show to chat a little about his company, the philosophy behind Vorpal Games, and give us the run down on the star studded game design crew he’s assembling for Vorpal’s first game which is only known as The Red Aegis Project. We also do all the other stuff we normally do as we try and find the Master of Dungeons. Enjoy and feel free to let us know what you think of the show.

Show Notes

1:27 – Intro

1:45 – News

Dungeon Stone
Shaintar Legends Arise
Low Life

Odyssey: The Complete Game Masters Guide to Campaign Management
All Rolled Up Dice Bag
The game meant to be played in the future
Dungeon Bastard

7:29 – Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

Elder Sign Omens
Ascension: Rise of Vigil
Start Wars: EotE

Suburbia – Mini Review
Small World
Love Letter – Mini Review
D&D Encounters
Star Wars: EotE

24:16 – Story Time – The Story of a Bad Ass Cutlass

28:33 – An Interview with Matt James of Vorpal Games

Matt Jame Publishing Credit rundown

Monument of the Ancients Dungeon #170
Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale
The Dungeon Survival Handbook
Soldiers of Fortune

Vorpal Games Chat

The Red Aegis Team

Ed Greenwood, Erik Scott de Bie, Erik Nowak, Claudio Pozas
Miranda Horner, Eytan Bernstein, Mike Schley

The Red Aegis Project?
Baldman games
The Loremaster Roleplaying System
Talking about game design
Jesse Schell
Master of Dungeons Sighting

1:01:59 – Gaming Chat – Do Over’s in Games

1:10:29 – Geekery

Baby Shower Games
Star Trek: Into Darkness


  1. Chris Sniezak

    thanks for listening Jeremy. ill be trying to get Matt and hopefully his brother on the show in July once the kickstarter for the red aegis project goes live but in the coming weeks I have some other interviews and content on the way, especially if you like fate.

  2. Jeremy Grenemyer

    Listened in to get info on the Vorpal Games chat. I hope as Vorpal Games gets going that Misdirectedmark will be the place to go to for hearing interviews and the like from Vorpal Games staff.

    Any chance we can get both Brian and Matt James on for the next podcast?

    I like podcasts about D&D because they help me to do two things: pronounce monster names and game designer names correctly.

    This podcast certainly helped with the later.

    Great show.

  3. Martin Ralya

    Thank you for mentioning Odyssey! 🙂

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