May 23 2013

Episode #63 – Minion’s Prophecy

063 – minion’s prophecy


Hello Friends. This week there’s a throw down at Pablo’s, story time with Mark, a bunch of news, some gaming advice, and the always wonderful Vera in the Geekery. God I hate her. Hope you enjoy.

0:00 – Throw Down At Pablo’s

4:35 – News

Numenera is up for preorder.
Game Chef 2013
The Battle for Oz Kickstarter
Inverse World
Low Life: The Rise of the Lowly (Core Rulebook) by Andy Hopp
A Study in Emerald deck building card game by Martain Wallace.
Among the Sleep
Torchbearer news – The Paladin
Injustice Gods Among us Video Game tournement.
Shaintar Books released dates.
Baldman Games looking for GMs for Origins and GenCon

11:19 – The Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium

League of Legends
Star Wars: EotE
Tremulus PbP
Dungeon World

D&D Encoutners
Star Wars: EotE

20:45 – Story Time With Mark

The Head of Vecna

26:55 – The Main Topic

Don’t Hold Back
It’s a lot more fun to win despite adversity than through the sheer lack of it.

35:19 – The Geekery

Dr. Who Finale and Space Spiders from Space

Agents of SHIELD

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