May 08 2013

Episode #61 – The Dungeon Bastard

The Dungeon Bastard


Hello Friends. This week I have a special treat. The Dungeon Bastard – Bill Cavalier, adventure coach, joins me on the show to talk about how to game right and his Worlds Worst Dungeon Crawl event going on this year at GenCon. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think of the show?

0:52 – The News

Magic has Exploded

Darkforest Games – 8 man drafts

Dragon Snack – Booster drafts and sealed deck events

Dave and Adam’s Card World – Magic Grand Prix

Living Forgotten Realms Events are up.

Other News

GenCon and Sun King Brewery agreement

The Dungeon Bastards: Worlds Worst Dungeon Crawl

Torchbearer Kickstarter is up and running.

Tabletop Deathmatch – 16 games enter one leaves victorious and with 7,500 towards a first printing.

Humble bundle – Psychonauts

11:22 – The Extradimentional Entertainment Emporiumn


Dungeon World
Santa Fe Rails
D&D Encounters
Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
Elder Sign


Dungeon World
Ascension: Rise of Vigil
Race to Adventure
League of Legends
Star Wars: EotE
Dutch Golden Age

29:42 – Interview with a Bastard – A Dungeon Bastard

Monte vs Bill
Gnomes Suck Dwarves Rule
The Worlds Worst Dungeon Crawl Kickstarter

1:02:19 – The Man behind the Bastard – Tom Lommel

Tom Lommel’s Bio
Bite Me
The Highs and Lows of the Actors life
Gaming Chat

1:33:25 – Geekery

The Goblin Market
Universal Gaming
Epic Level Entertainment – Dungeon Bastard, Bite Me

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