May 01 2013

Episode #60 – jim pinto’s Toolcards and John G’s Game Design

jim pinto’s Toolcards and John G’s Game Design


Hello Friends. This week we have a long episode but it’s just filled with good stuff. After the introduction of John G and a bit of news and gaming talk we have an excellent interview with jim pinto. I know I have the name in lowercase but that’s how he likes it. We talk about his Toolcards kickstarter but we also get into a lot of other interesting things concerning gaming philosophy and design. Then Mark and I chat with John G about the game he is designing and really hash out a lot of idea’s surrounding mechanics and their purpose and the line between GMing and designing. Hope you enjoy and let us know what you think.

0:51 – Intro

John Gaddert is with us

1:33 – News

QCC – Dice are in, Badges do more now,
Cat Invades
Dresden Fate Dice
So many Movies

5:47 – The Extradimensional Gaming Emporium

John’s Game
Edge of the Empire

Fate Underground
League of Legends
Elder Sign

Lords of Waterdeep
D&D Encounters
Savage Worlds: Deadlands

8:43 – UBCon Wrap up

11:55 – Mr. Savage Worlds Western New York

Deadlands: Noir
Soundtrack by Harry Mack
Audio Drama by PEG
Hell on Earth Miniatures Kickstarter
Atomic Overmind: Day After Ragnarök looking for Submissions
Rouge Princess Squadron.com
Shaintar – Players Guide Free on Drive Thru RPG

More News – Dark Dungeons

24:24 – Jim Pinto of Post World Games and Toolcards: Fantasy Kickstarter

King For A Day
Wounded (Free on Post World Games)
Gallery of Rogues
The Quiet Year
Blue Planet
Tool Cards Kickstarter
Eexamples of their uses – It’s a PDF with examples
Story path cards

1:09:15 – Chatting about Game Design with John G

2:00:56 – The Geekery

Dr. Who Hash Marks for the Impossible Astronaut Day
Colonel Chris Hadfield

1 comment

  1. Alex Swingle

    Ain’t gonna lie, I squeed when Jim said The Quiet Year isn’t a game. Vindication even if Jim wasn’t trying to be that harsh.

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