Apr 17 2013

Episode #58 – Advice in Practice for Starting a Game

058 – Advice in practice for starting a game


Hello friends. This week we have our eccentric rich friend Zak with us as we visit his manse and discuss advice for starting a game. Hope you enjoy and please let us know what you think of the show.

0:41 – Introductions

Zak and his Manse

2:02 – News

Gamers raising money for Boston Bombing
Fate Dice: Kickstarter
Torchbearer: The Burning Wheel teams newest RPG project
Grim Portents: a Free Dungeon World Fanzine
Hillfolk update: Ed Greenwood is writing a series pitch
Kickstarter: Just Press Start – Video Game Based – Learning in the Classroom

10:51 – Gaming Emporium

Race to Adventure
Underground – Going FATE
Descent 2 – I love this game
Elder Sign
League of Legends
Dungeon World w/ the Greenshirts
Torment: Planescape

The week of not gaming

Neverwinter Online
Asheron’s Call

27:07 – At Zaks place – Starting it up – A practical guide for starting a game

Where to Start

Interpretation phase

Write or Find a Scenario to Play

The Mines of Madness

Session 1 – Making characters and establishing connections

Wrapping up the discussion – Consistency

1:02:40 – The Geekery

Table Titans – Funny Web Comic
Zak’s current interest in Penny Arcade’s Strip Search and his dislike for reality television.
Mark’s into Shaintar

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