Mar 28 2013

Episode #55 – PAX East 2013 or Knapik is Tired

Pax East 2013 or Knapik is Tired


Hello friends, this week Mark tells us about his PAX 2013 experience and we talk about GM styles. Hope you enjoy and please feel free to leave feedback on the site, the facebook page, our email address, or reviews on Itunes.

Show Notes

0:55 – Introductions

1:58 – Mark’s Pax Story

25:37 – Who is Pablo?

26:24 – The News on the Road

Torment: Tides of Numenera
Wicked Fantasy: 46,000 all in all. Fate Conversion.
Achtung! Cthulhu
Freeport City of Adventure

28:25 – Extradimensional Entertainment Emporium

Lords of Waterdeep
Megascorcher D&D Next
League of Legends
Army of Darkness on Android
Dungeon Raid

Castle Panic
Count the Kilts : 97 Kilts at PAX
D&D Next

Chris doesn’t like Actual Play podcasts

34:11 – Around The Camp Fire

The Judge and the Facilitator

45:49 – The Geekery

Monster Hunter International by Larry Corriea

1 comment

  1. Shawn

    I would have thought that Penn Station would have a Geekery in it.

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