Mar 20 2013

Episode #54 – Autism, the Gnome, and a Sage


Autism, the Gnome, and a Sage



Hello Friends. This week my friend Phil Vecchione has teleported me to see Eloy “The Sage” Lasanta to chat about something different. All three of us have children who are on the Autism spectrum so we’re gonna chat about that. I’m a little early for autism awareness month but that’s how things work sometimes. Hope you enjoy the show.

Show Notes

0:34 – Arriving in Florida

Eloy “The Sage” Lasanta and Phil Vecchione: The Cannibal Illusionist Gnome.

2:15 – Who is Eloy Lasanta and what is Third Eye Games

Salty Bay Con
The Rolling 20’s Podcast – Excellence in the Gaming Industry

7:30 – The News on the Beach

Kickstarter: Wicked Fantasy
Kickstarter: Torment Tides of Numenara
Vast & Starlit
Secret Gnome Stew Book
Kickstarter: Actung Chuthulu
Kickstarter: Veronica Mars Movie
Top Billing Movie Card Game from Third Eye Games

14:29 – The Extradimentional Entertainment Emporium


Top Billing
Battle Star Galactica Board Game


Dungeon World
Elder Sign


Edge of the Empire – The Rakkata Riddle with Garrett
Crowe from Threat Detected.
Dungeon World – The Slave Pits of Drazhu
Dungeon World with Phil
Underground – Super Hero Team of Psycotics
Settlers of Catan

Eloy has a Secret Super Hero Project

28:54 – Autism Chat

1:34:54 – Who is Pablo and the Enchanted Microphone

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